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Zoop (Long Box) - PS1

Zoop (Long Box) - PS1

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Zoop for the Sony PlayStation 1 is an addictive puzzle game with an action twist. Released in the mid-90s, its vibrant, neon-infused aesthetic and unique gameplay mechanics set it apart from other puzzle titles. Players must strategically eliminate advancing shapes by matching their own piece's color with the incoming ones, effectively zooping them off the board. As the game progresses, the shapes approach faster, requiring quick reflexes and sharp decision-making. This fast-paced, arcade-style puzzler challenges both the mind and the reflexes, offering endless entertainment to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

More Info

Platform: Sony PS1 Playstation 1
Release Date: October 30, 1995
Genre: Puzzle
ESRB Rating: E
Developer: Hookstone Productions
Publisher: Viacom New Media
Gameplay Mechanics: Puzzle
Visual Style: 2D
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Multiplayer: No
Local Multiplayer: undefined Players
Online Multiplayer: undefined Players

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