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Roots: Gates of Chaos, The - Nokia N Gage

Roots: Gates of Chaos, The - Nokia N Gage

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The Roots: Gates of Chaos is an action RPG for the Nokia N-Gage platform, released in 2005. The game immerses players into a fantasy world where they explore diverse landscapes, battle various monsters, and complete quests. Players can choose from different characters, each with unique abilities, and customize their skills as they progress. Although it's developed for a niche device, this title is recognized for its ambitious scope within the limitations of the N-Gage.

More Info

Platform: Nokia N Gage
Release Date: August 14, 2005
Genre: Role-Playing Game
ESRB Rating: T Fantasy Violence
Developer: Tantalus Interactive
Publisher: Nokia
Gameplay Mechanics: Role-playing
Visual Style: 3D
Controller: N-Gage keypad
Single Player: Yes
Local Multiplayer: No
Online Multiplayer: 2-4 Players

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