Puyo Pop - Neo Geo Pocket

Puyo Pop - Neo Geo Pocket

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Puyo Pop for the Neo Geo Pocket is a puzzle video game released in 1999. It's the Neo Geo iteration of the popular Puyo Puyo series developed by Compile. Players aim to match four or more 'Puyo' blobs of the same color to clear them from the screen, aiming to disrupt the opponent's play area or clear challenges. The game is renowned for its entertaining gameplay and strategy, as well as for its colorful graphics that made good use of the Neo Geo Pocket's capabilities.

More Info

Platform: Neo Geo Pocket
Release Date: September 29, 1999
Genre: Puzzle
ESRB Rating: E
Developer: Compile
Publisher: SNK
Gameplay Mechanics: puzzle, falling block
Visual Style: 2D
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Local Multiplayer: 1-2 Players
Online Multiplayer: No

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