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Philosoma - PS1

Philosoma - PS1

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Philosoma for the Sony PlayStation 1 is a scrolling shooter game with mix of 2D and 3D graphics. Players command a spaceship through various levels that alternate between top-down, side-scrolling, and into-the-screen perspectives. With its sci-fi setting, the game entails battling a multitude of enemy ships and bosses while dodging intricate bullet patterns. Philosoma stands out for its cinematic storytelling and visual transitions that blend gameplay and narrative. It embraces the shoot 'em up genre with a strong emphasis on action and reflex-based gameplay.

More Info

Platform: Sony PS1 Playstation 1
Release Date: December 31, 1995
Genre: Shoot'Em Up
ESRB Rating: E
Composer: Kei Wakakusa
Developer: G-artists
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Gameplay Mechanics: shoot 'em up, scrolling
Visual Style: 2D sprites, 3D backgrounds
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Multiplayer: No
Local Multiplayer: undefined Players
Online Multiplayer: undefined Players

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