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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Switch

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Switch

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a turn-based tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch, released in 2017. This crossover combines characters from Nintendo's Mario franchise with Ubisoft's Rabbids series. Players strategically maneuver their party through various combat scenarios, solve puzzles, and upgrade their heroes. It's known for its charming humor, challenging battles, and unique melding of the two universes.

More Info

Platform: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: August 28, 2017
Genre: Fighting
ESRB Rating: E10+ Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence
Composer: Grant Kirkhope
Developer: Ubisoft Milan, Ubisoft Paris
Publisher: Ubisoft
Gameplay Mechanics: Turn-based tactics, Strategy
Visual Style: 3D, Cartoonish
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Local Multiplayer: 2 Players
Online Multiplayer: No

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