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Kasumi Ninja - Atari Jaguar

Kasumi Ninja - Atari Jaguar

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Kasumi Ninja is a 2D fighting game released in 1994 for the Atari Jaguar console. One of the few fighting titles on the Jaguar, the game is known for its violent graphics and fatalities similar to Mortal Kombat. Players select from a roster of warriors, each with unique backgrounds and fighting styles, and battle in one-on-one combat, progressing through opponents to face the final boss. Its release year and exclusive nature for the Jaguar make it a unique and nostalgic title for collectors and enthusiasts of retro gaming and the genre.

More Info

Platform: Atari Jaguar
Release Date: December 31, 1993
Genre: Fighting
ESRB Rating: T Violence, Blood and Gore
Developer: Hand Made Software
Publisher: Atari Corporation
Gameplay Mechanics: Fighting, Versus
Visual Style: 3D Graphics
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Local Multiplayer: 1-2 Players
Online Multiplayer: No

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