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John Madden Duo CD Football - NEC Turbo Duo

John Madden Duo CD Football - NEC Turbo Duo

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John Madden Duo CD Football is a sports simulation video game released for the NEC Turbo Duo system, based upon the American football franchise that Electronic Arts has developed with iconic coach John Madden's endorsement. The gameplay follows traditional football rules, allowing players to choose teams and strategies, while competing in matches that simulate the real-life dynamics of an NFL game. Although it shares features with its counterparts on other platforms, this version was unique to the Turbo Duo and capitalized on the CD format for enhanced audio and graphics at the time. The game's release year is not widely documented, but it likely came out in the early 1990s as it followed in the success of John Madden Football titles released on other platforms.

More Info

Platform: NEC Turbo Duo
Release Date: December 31, 1992
Genre: Football
Composer: Rob Hubbard
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Gameplay Mechanics: sports simulation
Visual Style: 2D
Controller: standard
Single Player: Yes
Local Multiplayer: 1-2 Players
Online Multiplayer: No

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